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Lighting is an essential part of our lives, but to most people choosing, designing, and installing quality lighting is a complicated and frustrating endeavor. We have lots of options, including different lighting technologies, product features, and companies with whom to work. Our mission at Keystone is to change the way people think about lighting. We believe that lighting should be simple, hassle-free, and enjoyable. We believe in Light Made Easy.

More companies than ever before are now in the lighting business. Most are companies you’ve probably never heard of and may not see after a few years. Some are big companies whose brands you recognize from other industries. With the convergence of a global marketplace and emerging new lighting technologies, so many companies fill the lighting industry that it can become overwhelming to find true competency and quality.

Keystone approaches the lighting industry differently. With nearly 70 years of manufacturing experience exclusively building quality lighting components, we have secured an outstanding reputation for products that are easy to use, and personal service that makes life easy for our customers. At the core of what makes us different is our unwavering commitment to Light Made Easy.

Light Made Easy transcends everything we do at Keystone. Every one of our team members continually seeks new ways to make things easier for our customers and partners. 

Three simple words providing a uniquely different customer experience. That’s Light Made Easy.

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