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Luxrite is proud to be a family-owned business. We offer a comprehensive line of energy-efficient LED bulbs, fixtures, and luminaires for every application. Our lights come equipped with high-performance diodes which emit an industry-leading amount of lumens per watt ration, and are available in a variety of color temperatures and flood degrees. Known for quality, durability, and performance, our LED lighting solutions are in high demand among electrical supply houses and lighting suppliers across the continental U.S.

Luxrite’s parent company, All Star Lighting, was founded in 2005. Together with Vice President Jack Serhofer’s sales acumen and product innovation skills, President and CEO George Serhofer’s 40 years of business leadership has taken All Star Lighting to great heights. A favored choice among All Star Lighting’s largest clients, Luxrites’s award-winning LED products literally—and figuratively—shine.