LED Lighting - Advantages

LED lighting is changing the way we illuminate our surroundings. LEDs provide quality lighting that is long lasting, low heat and energy efficient. A wide variety of LED replacement options are available to be used directly into you existing fixtures. We at Supreme Lighting want to help you find the LED lights that best suit your needs.

Light Quality - LEDs provide a broad spectrum of color temperatures from warm white to daylight and a wide range of intensities to suit diverse locations.

Energy Efficient - LEDs have the lowest energy consumption for light sources available in our days.

Environment Friendly - Mercury free makes LEDs a cleaner alternative to compact fluorescent lamps, also LED bulbs can be recycled

Long Lasting - LEDs last up to 10 times longer than compact fluorescents and even more so than incandescent light bulbs.

Cost Effective - Although they seem initially expensive, LEDs cost is easily recovered over time.

Cool - LEDs produce very little heat whereas incandescent and CFS heat up your environment.